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Importance of an Investor Buying your House

This involves the buying and selling of houses and the land with the property it’s in it and these houses differs in size as for single family or large to fit that multifamily while other houses or building can be used for setting up shops, supermarkets or hypermarkets.

Houses can be categorized according to the ownership and size they have, multi-family house is a type with overstretched where each floor is a separate entity or unit, condominium houses is similar to apartments but owned by individuals where common houses and common areas within the complex are owned and jointly shared while cooperative houses is type where residents own shares in the cooperative corporation that owns those house giving the chance for the right ownership.

Selling and marketing of houses is that act of joining real estate owners with their customers which sometimes involves middle men between the buyer and the owner of the apartment or house, these middle men are paid in commission as they are brokers.
When doing the sale of your house, it’s very advantageous to sell it through the real estate investor as there is a fast cash availability than selling it on your own, this is because when enlisting your house in a real house estate one will no longer wait for that buyer to like and buy the house in order to get the money or waiting for the bank to finance you, the reliable investors will have that very money for you.

No need for extra cash for repairing the house when selling it through the investor unlike when doing it yourself whereby one incurs high cost of repairing so as to attract customers.

Selling your house to the investor involves the owner of the house and the real-estate investor eliminating the rest of middle men between you and the market, this is much better as there is no commission for those middle men.
Selling your house agents of finding customers yourself can take more time than expected and this will implies that one will have to pay for the insurances ,property or even electricity bills taxes pilling up more cash needs but this all can be ended if the owner of the house sells his/her house to the real-house investors as this will take no time before selling the house.

Selling your house to the investor it’s the most quick way as one needs to contact him/her and after arriving and checking the house and the two parties are in good terms, the deal can be stricken even within a day or two and the house is sold.

Selling your property through the investors is advantageous as they can help you in times of stress when you haven’t paid for your house and the lender is threatening to foreclose on your property.

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