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One of the missions that Christians have been given by the Savior Jesus Christ is to go to the ends of the world and make the gospel known. Due to this urgent mission given to them by their Savior Jesus Christ, many Christian churches and groups are trying to find a platform on which they can preach the gospel to many people. In the recent decade, many churches and groups have opened up media platforms such as televisions and radios where they preach the gospel and air it so that many people can hear. On the other hand, many churches and Christian groups have opened up schools where they want to educate the society so that they can grow up as responsible and morally upright people. There urgent task for Christians motivate and they veteran intrapreneur Cary Byrd to come up with the Christ Like Media.

The whole idea behind the formation of Christ-Like Media by Cary Byrd was to help in promoting church ministries, church businesses, church schools, and local churches at large but the idea grew bigger to a formation of our firm. Enhance the formation of Christ like Media was born. Christ like media has opened up different social media platforms which the use to promote the church ministries, schools, businesses and the church at large. Some of these social media platforms includes the Facebook account, Twitter account, and Instagram account.They also do have their website on which the market through. Additionally, they do identify themselves in this social media platforms through a logo which is fire like. On the other hand, because like websites are for free which means that you can enjoy yourself by watching the most popular family and Christian videos online, and also you can view different inspirational pictures and many more. For instance, the video of where God came from can be found on their website, and you can watch just for free.

The Christ-like media do have different products which they sell and which contains the logos. Some of this merchandise includes different ways for women, men, and children such as T-shirts, scarves dresses, and many others. The also offer products such as stickers, device cases, gifts, bags, stationary and wall arts.Therefore because Christ-like media is a marketing and advertising agency, you can consult them in case you need to advertise your church school, businesses or even your church so that you can get more members and followers. Through their social media platforms the of shared their contacts by which you can get to them in case you are considering promoting your church.

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