Ready for Sex?

For young people sex is something very desirable, yet risky. There are a million things to think about before getting to the actual job and each one of them seems to be absolutely crucial to the success of the first night with someone special. And it’s perfectly natural that they should want to seek help from those who have already been through the whole thing before them. Boys usually start experiment with an athens escort or athens escorts.

Uncertainty and anxiety are part of the fun during those years when sex is still a new thing and one is not completely comfortable with one’s body. Later on the novelty wears out to be replaced by experience and skill.Teens want to know how to tell if the time is right for this step, if the person they fancy is the right one to be trusted in such an important moment, what the parents would say if they found out and many other things.

Girls are wondering what to wear and how to behave, while boys are unsure whether they come across as self-assured enough for the job. A dozen years later on, all these “problems” will become fond memories. People look at what they thought to be important back then and smile because things have turned out very different than they had expected.

So, for those who need a couple of pointers here’s the straight deal. First and foremost, sex is not mandatory. Yep, you heard that right. Don’t rush to sex just because other people think it’s cool or even required of you by a certain age. That is utterly stupid! There is no requirement, no deadline and you should not be ashamed of your choices.

If you don’t feel as comfortable as possible with the idea, don’t do it. It’s that simple. It’s your life and it’s your body so feel free to do as you please. Before you jump in bed with someone, you should take some time to educate yourself. Sex is heavenly, but there is always the risk of unwanted pregnancies or STIs.

It’s one of the most ironic things that many youths know about condoms and are aware of the hazards of not using them, but that does not change the situation much. Condoms still get left in a drawer or people simply forget to buy them and soon both partners are getting close to the bed and there’s no time to think about such things any more.

But it’s far better to take the time to buy condoms and to educate yourself about the risks instead of spending time on the grim hallways of the WD ward. It doesn’t matter if the ward looks kind of cool or not. Having to wait there for test results is bad. Having to go there for treatment is even worse.

Buying a condom is easy; waiting for the envelope with the HIV test results is hard. No teenager should have to go through this, but it happens. The bottom line is that you should have sex only when you think you have sufficient information to be able to understand your actions and their consequences.

Do it when you can comfortably discuss sex and feelings not only with your close friends, but also with that special person. Do it when you can carry condoms around with you without blushing if they are found on you. And if you feel you need advice, don’t hesitate to ask (athens escort or athens escorts). Going in prepared is like winning half the battle from the start.

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